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Edword Testimonials

Edword Testimonials

A few words from selected Edword partners from around the world.

“An introduction to this way of giving feedback should be a mandatory requirement in all teacher education programs.”

Håvard Berg, Teacher
Bodø Videregående skole

“I think that 100% of the teachers who currently provide feedback digitally will benefit greatly from EasyCorrect. Those who still provide handwritten feedback probably must first see the benefit of digital feedback per se, before they can see the benefits of EasyCorrect.

Easy to use. Saves time on correction. A better educational tool for feed-forward comments.”

Hege I. Haugmo, Teacher
Bodø Videregående skole

“It was a true pleasure working with Steffen Thybo Drostgaard and Milena Vollmar to explore better ways to give LSE students more consistent and engaging feedback. They did a fantastic job leading us through a hands-on workshop on new technology and feedback practices with our teachers at the LSE Language Centre. Learning enhanced feedback tools such as Edword can really transform teaching and learning.”

Alison Standring, Deputy Director
London School of Economics, Language Centre

“With Edword, I can statistically see, what are the needs of my group and of individual learners too. I personally can see how the written assignments are handed in on time. I do not need to print them nor store them somehow somewhere. They are all there – on time. Giving digital feedback is as easy as nothing else. My students just handed in their termly given feedback for my courses. Every student mentioned Edword in such a positive way: unbelievable!”

Philipp Willy, German Language Teacher
Oxford University

“Edword is the first program that offers educators a way to provide interactive, supportive, specific, and multimodal feedback to learners of all ages. The reality of providing feedback is that it remains remarkably ineffective, in and of itself, primarily because it has been tied to grades, punitive admonitions, or both. To be effective, teacher comments need to reinforce the main focus of the instruction, and offer ways to improve in context, but must also be tailored to the students’ learning styles and evolving skills.”

Lynne Schrum, Ph.D. Dean and Professor
Nova Southeastern University, Florida

“I find the Edword platform helps me provide meaningful feedback to my students. Many times students share the same deficiencies, so often, my comments to each of them are very similar, if not identical. The platform permits me to create automated responses that can be delivered to the student with a click of a button, saving me a great deal of time. With the extra time, I am able to evaluate the student’s submission more closely and provide additional, individualized feedback, I normally wouldn’t have the time to give. Therefore, my learners become more proficient, and are able to produce higher quality work, which will serve them well when they graduate.”

William L. Hoover II, Professor
Bunker-Hill Community College, Boston

“Edword helped us save a lot of time and increased our productivity through better document handling. It also reduces the amount of repetitive clicks and makes the digital feedback process smooth and engaging. As a result, our teachers feel they provide more and better feedback in less time.”

Emil Due-Christensen, IT Consultant & Teacher
Studieskolen, Copenhagen

“Edword enables teachers to give high-quality feedback very quickly. We used the program to develop common standards for feedback. It not only led to very fruitful discussions about how feedback best stimulates the learning process. It also made us better and more ambitious as teachers.

Students learn best when they actively reflect and act on the feedback given by teachers. Edword facilitates and stimulates exactly that.”

Annemarie Krogh, E-Learning & Language Teacher
IA Sprog, Copenhagen

“The Edword platform is the first ever feedback tool that allows me to be a part of what happens with my feedback when the students receive it. The feedback flow organiser in Edword is simple ingenuity – why didn’t anyone think of that before?”

Daniel Swerdlow, Associate Director
NSU University School, Florida