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EasyCorrect for Google Docs

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EasyCorrect for Google Docs

EasyCorrect for Google Docs is the perfect tool for teachers who prefer working in Google Docs / Classroom. EasyCorrect for Google Docs lets you work directly in Google Docs while maintaining synchronicity; no “locking down” of documents or need to work in another environment. Reduce repetitive work with premade comments, a statistical overview, and external links as well as voice comments.

Personalize and engage students

Surprise your students with voice comments that play directly in Google Docs. Include a link to an external resource that allows them to work with the relevant issues. Ask your students to leave your comments in the text and activate “Suggest Mode” to easily see how they modify their text in relation to your comments.

Limit repetitive work and document handling

Use the comment sets that come with the installation, and modify and add your own to avoid writing the same thing over and over again. Really fast and intuitive keyboard or mouse-based controls.

Increased collaboration

EasyCorrect facilitates increased collaboration between teachers. Create feedback content in collaboration, which can easily be shared with your colleagues. Visit the online library and find more comment sets than the ones included with the installation.

More comprehensive feedback

Use the “Round off feedback” feature to provide a statistical overview and add in-depth comments on how the students should work with your feedback.