Edword completely transforms the way teachers work with written assignments

Edword is an online learning platform that combines all the tools a teacher needs to master educating through written assignments. Students even study and work with the teacher’s feedback in the platform – no more chaos of comment balloons and stickers.

Edword reports to the teacher on students’ engagement and progress.
Providing feedback becomes planning the next round of work for students.

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Feedback impact

What happens with your feedback today? Do they read it? Which comments help them? Does it help students improve their text. Edword tells you – as a teacher you become a part of this process.

Save valuable time

Tired of writing the same feedback comment again and again? Create, reuse and share comment sets and rubrics. Embed videos, voice messages and include exercises as part of the comments.

Avoid document handling

Downloading, unzipping and uploading students’ files is never really a fruitful use of your time, right? With Edword, document handling is reduced to an absolute minimum. Once students have handed in, you navigate between students’ assignments with just two clicks.

Transparent workflows

Spend too much time organising your written assignment work? Focus on what instead of who, where, when & how. Edword makes it dead-simple to create, use, reuse and manage assignment workflows.

All-in-one library

Where did you save that assignment? The Edword Library lets you easily build, use, edit, reuse and share assignments (and comment sets and rubrics) with students and colleagues.

Track learning progress

Do you have the detailed overview? Edword Analytics creates transparency and gives you access to data on your own work and the work of your students.

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